Birbal identifies guest

Once a rich man named Karodimal invited Birbal to have lunch at his place. Karodimal had heard a lot about Birbal’s intelligence and wanted to put him to test. Birbal visited Karodimal’s place and found himself in a hall full of people. Karodimal was elated to see Birbal and greeted him warmly. Birbal was wondering what is this all about.

“I didn’t know there would be so many guests,” said Birbal who hated large gatherings.

“They are not guests,” said Karodimal. “These are my employees, all except one man. He is the only other guest here beside you. Can you identify my other guest?” he asked. How did – Birbal identifies guest.

Before Karodimal could finish his talk Birbal understood the whole scenario that he was being put to test.

“Maybe I could,” said Birbal, “Tell them a joke or a funny story and I will observe them.” Keep reading – Birbal identifies guest.

Akbar- Birbal - Identifies the guest

Karodimal kept wondering how would Birbal identify my guest. He went ahead and told a joke that Birbal thought was perhaps the worst he had heard in a long time. When he finished everyone laughed uproariously, except one.That was enough for Birbal – Birbal identifies guest.

“Well,” said Karodimal. “I’ve told my joke. Did you find out who’s my other guest? Tell us soon I am very curious”

Birbal pointed out the man to him. “How on the earth did you figure this out?” asked Karodimal, all amazed.

“Employees tend to laugh at any joke told by their employers,” explained Birbal.

“When I observed everyone, I saw that this man was the only one not laughing at your joke, and in fact, looked positively bored, I at once knew he was your other guest.”

Karodimal praised Birbal and they all enjoyed a hearty meal.This is how- Birbal identfies guest.

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