Best of all

Hello Kid’s, is it time for bed then let’s read you a funny story of Akbar and birbal – today’s story is Best of all. One fine morning, when King Akbar was on a walk, few questions crossed his mind and he decided to put his courtiers intelligence to test. Later in the day,while attending to court matters as usual, the Emperor posed  these three questions to his courtiers-

1. Whose son is good?
2. Whose tooth is good?
3.Which quality is good?

All the courtiers thought hard. Finally, after a lot of discussion, one of the elder courtiers replied on their behalf, “Maharaj! we have the answers to your questions.

1. A king’s son is good.

2. An elephant’s tooth is good and

3. Knowledge is the best quality.” Are these the – Best of all – keep reading. 

Emperor listened to their answers quietly but he was not satisfied. He felt that if Birbal would have been there, he would have certainly given more appropriate answers. He immediately sent for Birbal. Birbal came to the court at once. The same three questions were posed to him and asked him to answer – Best of all. 

Akbar Birbal- Best of AllBirbal replied,”Your Majesty, answers to these questions are very simple.

1. A cow’s son is the best of all because it is he who ploughs the earth. Even his dung can be used as a fertilizer for crops and food is produced for all. So, a cow’s son is good in all aspects.

2. The answer to your second question is that a plough’s tooth is good. It ploughs the land and makes it fertile. It enables man to raise a variety of crops and all the organisms on earth are nourished.

3. Finally, your Majesty, ‘courage’ is the best quality of all. An intelligent person who lacks courage is not worth much. Although knowledge is the greatest wealth but courage is equally important. Otherwise, what is the use of mere knowledge?”

Akbar and other courtiers were very pleased with Birbal’s thoughtful and wise answers. Akbar praised him for his witty answers.

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