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Lord Krishna – Bal Leela

Share1PinTweetYum+11 SharesAbout five thousand years ago, there lived a king named Ugrasen. He was the king of Mathura, but his son Kans usurped his kingdom and had imprisoned his own father, Ugrasen, and declared himself the King of Mathura. On his orders his soldiers used...


Prahlad and Hiranyakashap

SharePin2TweetYum+12 SharesLord Vishnu incarnated Narshima Avatar in Sat- Yug to help Prahlad, his ardent devotee. Lord Vishnu, in the form of Boar, had killed Hiranyaksha. Devtas were happy & there was a lot of rejoicing in the heaven, but not for long. Hiranyaksha’s elder brother Hiranyakashipu...