Monthly Archive: February 2014


Messy Cooktop

SharePin1TweetYumStumble+11 Shares Sprinkle baking soda on the top of your cooktop and just cover it with hot water, let it stand for half an hour as baking soda will dissolve all the grease and then scrub the surface and wipe it clean.


A good salad tip

SharePin1TweetYumStumble+11 Shares Lettuce can be kept better if you store it in the refrigerator without washing it first. Make sure the leaves are dry when you put it in the fridge and then wash it the day you are going to use it.


A stuck jar lid

Share6PinTweetYumStumble+16 Shares   Run the lid under very warm water for a few minutes. Grab a towel and gently twist off the top.To prevent it from happening again just spray the inside of lid with a cooking spray before placing it on the jar and...


Wonder Fruit

SharePin1TweetYumStumble+11 Shares Did you know that wonderful fruit Cantaloupe is low in calorie and fats. One serving of cantaloupe gives 400% of the recommended amount of Vitamin A. Something to consider when buying fruits for your family…


Toothpaste and silver tip

SharePin2TweetYumStumble+12 SharesWhy spend money on expensive cleaners to remove tarnish from your silver jewelry? A simple tip use toothpaste which has baking soda in it. Just rub toothpaste onto silver jewelry. Take a dampened cloth apply a little toothpaste over it and start cleaning. Simply wash...


Fabric Softener sheets

SharePin1TweetYumStumble+11 SharesLove the smell of your fabric softener, try this simple tip – Place fabric softener sheets in dresser drawers and your clothes will smell freshly washed for weeks to come. You can also do this with towels and linen.


Get rid of fish smell

SharePin2TweetYumStumble+12 Shares If you are preparing fish and you find that your hands smell like fish then rinse them with vinegar and then wash it with water. This tip also work with other strong odors like onions and garlic.


Clean Greasy dishes

SharePin9TweetYumStumble+19 Shares Make a solution of warm soapy water, drizzle 1-2 tablespoon of vinegar and wash the grease of your dishes. Also cleaning your glasses/wine goblets with vinegar will leave them sparkling clean.


Bell Pepper Magic

SharePin1TweetYumStumble+11 Shares As Bell peppers ripen, their color changes from Green to Red and they become sweeter and Red bell peppers have 9 times as much Beta Carotene than Green Peppers. Something to consider when cooking with bell peppers.

Marination made easy

Share1PinTweetYumStumble+11 SharesDon’t want messy hands. Use zipper bags for marinating. Place all your  ingredients in a zipper bag, add your veggies or meats and toss them.  No huge containers to fit in your refrigerator. Just place your zipper bag marination and you are good to go....

Remove Suitcase odor

SharePin2TweetYumStumble+12 SharesPlace 1-2 dryer sheet in your suitcase or travel bags to eliminate unpleasant odor. You can also do these with your shoes and sandals. Instead place few dryer sheets inside your shoe rack to avoid shoe odor.