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Vermicelli Upma

Looking for a healthy breakfast – try out this simple and nutritious Vermicelli Upma recipe for breakfast. Vermicelli is a very thin pasta broken into small strips. The beauty of this vermicelli is that it’s made out of wheat and it cooks up fast. A delicious breakfast...


How to make Italian seasoning

Quick and easy homemade Italian herb seasoning. Blend of aromatic herbs adds zesty flavor to any recipe. Though it’s named as Italian seasoning, it’s an all purpose seasoning and I try to use it on almost everything from chicken to fish, pastas to grilled veggies,...

Chicken - stock 6

How to make Chicken Broth and Chicken shreds

Step-by-step homemade chicken broth. There are many ways to make chicken broth. I was in desperate need of chicken stock so I used boneless chicken in my recipe but an ideal way to prepare chicken broth is by using a whole chicken with bones – why waste...


Homemade Tomato Puree

This is a base recipe to all our cooking needs whether be Marinara sauce, pizzas, pastas, Indian meals, subzis or curries. Homemade tomato puree is not as difficult as it sounds. I always keep a jar full of homemade tomato puree ready in my fridge/freezer...

Creamy Mashed potatoes 2

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Very deliciously made garlicky mashed potatoes- a perfect side dish. This dish starts off with boiled potatoes perfectly mashed and then smeared in garlic and richened with cream to give it that buttery flavor. Butter and cream add that velvety texture to these garlic mashed...


Homemade Marinara sauce

Amazing Homemade Marinara sauce is an all rounder sauce which taste good over pizzas and pasta. This homemade made-from-scratch sauce is delicious, gluten free & vegan! Homemade marinara sauce is the base to many yummy dishes. This hearty and rich vegan sauce is simple and made...