Mahashivratri Vrat Recipes

Mahashivratri Vrat RecipesAs the name indicates this festival is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva, the third God of the Hindu Trinity. 


Every month in Hindu calendar has listed the thirteenth day of the darker half of the month as Shivaratri i.e. ‘Shiva’s great night’. Shivaratri falls on the krishna paksha, in the month of Magha and is celebrated all over the country as ‘Mahashivaratri’. It is believed that on this night Shivji performed the Tandava or the prehistoric creation, preservation and destruction dance.

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Here are some of the Mahashivratri vrat recipes that you can enjoy during fasting. Collection of 12 savory and sweet falahari recipes that you can relish and enjoy during any fasting period. Whether be Badam ka halwa or sama rice pulao, these recipes are easy to prepare and almost all of them can be prepared with minimal ingredients.

DISCLAIMER – If you do not consume a particular veggie or spice during fasting period , feel free to leave that out and follow your family vrat guidelines.

  1. Badam Halwa
  2. Thandai 
  3. Vrat Rice Pulao, Sama chawal Pulao 
  4. Vrat Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla 
  5. Sabudana khichdi 
  6. Vrat Rajgiria Puri with Vrat Jeera Aloo
  7. Kuttu and Singhare ke atte ki Roti 
  8. Sawa ke chawal ki tikki and vada
  9. Sabudana Vrat Uttapam
  10. Kaju Katli
  11. Kaju Pista Roll
  12. Mango Lassi
  13. And Many more…..

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