The Ant and the Pigeon

Morale of the Story: " Good Friends are Forever "

A pigeon lived on a tree. An ant had its nest at the root of the tree. Pigeon and the ant were good friends. One monsoon it rained heavily. Waters reached near the tree.
The Ant and the PigeonThe ant got caught in the waters and floated away in the water. Pigeon saw the ant and thought, "My friend is in trouble; I must help him." He threw a leaf in the water and told the ant to climb it.

Then the pigeon flew down and picked up the leaf and brought the ant safely on to the land. One day a hunter came. He scattered some grains and spread a net under the tree.
The ant was observing everything. The pigeon came down from the tree to eat the grains.
The Ant and the Pigeon
The ant thought "My friend will be trapped if he goes near the grains."

I must make him fly away. The ant ran and pricked the pigeon above his claw.

The pigeon flew away. His friend the ant had saved his life.

The End