Moong Dal ka Halwa


Moong Dal ka Halwa

Share9 Pin1.0K +1 Tweet WhatsApp Yum StumbleShares 1.0KDelicious and drool-worthy Moong Dal ka Halwa is a must-have winter delight! A favorite Indian sweet made with yellow lentils, milk, sugar and, nuts. The tradition of eating dessert after having a meal holds a special place in Indian cuisine. At the end of a yummy dinner,...


Ram Ladoo recipe

Share43 Pin11.2K +14 Tweet WhatsApp Yum16 Stumble1Shares 11.2KScrumptious and delicious Ram Ladoo recipe is an all time favorite tea time snack. This insanely crispy and crunchy moong dal fritters are topped with shredded radish, tangy chutneys and ready to eat. A gluten-free and vegan recipe! Hello, Delhi...