Missi Puri

Missi Puri recipe 2

Missi Puri

Missi puri is puffed up deep fried golden Indian bread. Puris or Pooris are unleavened Indian bread usually prepared with wheat flour. Puri is enjoyed by every age group and especially among kids it’s a must – have – everyday – meal. Missi puri is...

Michi-Bada recipe 2

Mirchi Bada recipe

Mirchi Bada recipe- Fried giant green chilies are stuffed with tangy potato filling and coated with a thick batter of gram flour is a spicy yet delicious tea time snack. I remember my mom making these at her kitty parties and the stuffing itself was...


Sabut Moong Dal

Sabut moong dal or whole mung dal is a staple in my household. Simple and easy recipe cooked without onion and garlic – it’s healthy, comforting and loaded with flavor. During Navratri and other fasting days most of the Indian families consume food without onion and garlic. This recipe here depicts...