Masala Idli Recipe

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Masala Idli Recipe

My kids are headed home from their activities and to feed their hungry bellies, I have a yummy snack ready. Had some leftover idlis from last night, so thought of a healthy quick fix that is delicious, nutritious and their favorite too – Masala idli recipe. Name sounds fancy but...

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Veg Chow Mein

Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Well try this simple and super easy veg chowmein prepared with minimal ingredients – a 15 minute recipe. Today’s recipe is a copycat version of Panda express Veg Chow mein recipe. Because of its smell, color and harmony of flavors,...

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Spicy Veg Noodles

Thin spaghetti noodles tossed with veggies and spiced with Asian sauces creates a lip-smacking recipe – spicy veg noodles. Any combination will work with this recipe. Very adaptable and flexible recipe, I have added veggies but if you are a non- veg eater add meat...