Sambar Recipe


Sambar Recipe

Share5 Pin35 +1 TweetShares 40 Today’s recipe comes from the Southern land of India and is everyone’s favorite. Delicacies from South Indian cuisine are always relished in my household as they are extremely flavorful and light on the tummy. ūüôā There are many varieties of...


Baghare Baingan

Share16 Pin801 +12 TweetShares 819 A specialty of¬†Hyderabadi Cuisine – Baghare baingan. Baghar means tadka/tempering and baigan is referred to as eggplants meaning “Eggplants cooked with a tadka”. Baby¬†eggplants/baingan are cooked in cashew¬†– coconut gravy and flavored with tangy spices. This dish is pretty close...