Homemade Sambar Powder Recipe


Homemade Sambar Powder Recipe

Share15 Pin526 +1 TweetShares 541 Nothing can beat a homemade spice mix. Perfect combinations of warm spices that adds great authentic flavor to sambar without adding too much heat. A thought always crosses our minds – why bother to make homemade when we can find one in stores?...


Sambar Recipe

Share5 Pin35 +1 TweetShares 40A flavorful and delicious South Indian Sambar recipe made with lentils and vegetables is an amazing accompaniment for soft and fluffy idlis, vadas and dosas. Today’s recipe comes from the Southern land of India and is everyone’s favorite. Delicacies from South...


Pithi wala Paratha

Share12 Pin431 +11 TweetShares 444 Peethi or Pithi wala paratha is a lentil stuffed flat-bread which is yummy and extremely delicious. Pithi or peethi is a urad dal mixture sauteed with onions, gram flour, spices and later stuffed in wheat flour and rolled out like parathas....