Vrat ka dhokla or Sama ke Chawal ka Dhokla


Sama rice Idli or vrat ki idli

Share81 Pin604 +1 TweetShares 685Try these healthy and delicious barnyard millet’s steamed cakes that are filling and super delicious!! Pair Sama rice Idli or vrat ki idli with a big bowl of coconut chutney for a yum and perfecto meal!!  Finally, it’s Fridaaay and who doesn’t...


Vrat Rice Pulao, Sama chawal Pulao

Share6 Pin100 +1 TweetShares 106 My Navratri meal planner has vrat pulao on the menu today. Vrat pulao is prepared by combining Sama ke Chawal with boiled potatoes and veggies. I have added carrots, beans and green peas to this recipe to make vrat ka pulao...


Sawa Chawal and Sabudana Vrat Uttapam

Share10 Pin100 +11 TweetShares 111 A great phalahari uttapam prepared with soaked sawa ke chawal and soaked sabudana. Sawa ke chawal when paired up with sago pearls makes a perfect dish. Both sawa ke chawal and sabudana is soaked for 3 hours and later grounded into...