Mini Custard- Choco bowls

Custard dessert bowl 6

Mini Custard- Choco bowls

Mini Custard- Choco bowls,the name itself is self-explanatory. A classic yet simple dessert made with mini shells filled with thick custard-chocolate pudding and for the finishing top it up with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Had very little time on hand before my hungry gang comes...

Paneer bowls recipe 26

Spicy Paneer filled mini bowls

This post is in continuation to my last one which was about Mexican Veggie bowls recipe. That was a Mexican preparation,today how about some Chinese style paneer bowls. Nothing fancy – just a mini version of chilly paneer, if you prefer you can substitute paneer with Tofu. Spicy Paneer filled mini bowls...

Phyllo mexican bowls fill 24

Mexican Veggie bowls

Deliciously baked Mexican veggie bowls are a perfect bite size appetizer for a birthday party, potluck dinner, game night or simple dinners to name a few. Corn kernels tossed with versatile black beans and spices make a great filling for these mini Phyllo/Fillo shells.This recipe is prepared with...