Kakori Kebab recipe

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Kakori Kebab recipe

Whether be kebabs or biryanis Mughlai cuisine takes a special place in my house. Today I bring you one of the famous Mughlai Kebab – Kakori Kebab recipe. Kakori is a term used to describe the most softest kebabs in the world. In fact kakori kabab have...

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Eggless Egg Curry – A vegetarian delight

Let’s cook up some mock eggs tonight. Today’s recipe is Eggless Egg Curry – A vegetarian delight; can also be referred to as Aloo ke ande 🙂 .Follow the step by step recipe below to prepare mock eggs. These were a hit tonight, even for the...

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Saag Wala Chicken or Palak Chicken

Saag Wala Chicken or Palak Chicken is an outrageously delicious dish, full of flavor and loaded with nutrients!! It’s an amazing combination of delicious ingredients that is cooked together to create the yummiest dishes of all.  “Saag” is a Punjabi term used for all leafy green...