Peanut Chikki or gajak

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Peanut Chikki or gajak

Kids love sweets and when they are starving, they will grab whatever is easily available. Often, it’s not the healthiest snack, so indulge their love for sweets with these healthy and nutritious peanut chikki. This delicious and tasty chikkis are ideal as a snack and a must-have during winter...

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Tamarind and Date Chutney

A sweet and tangy chutney prepared with tamarind, dates and jaggery. Also referred to as Khajoor-Imli Ki Chutney or saunth chutney. A side chutney or dip for samosa’s or any fried savory snack. Drizzle this yummy tamarind and date chutney over your chaat or dahi bhallas and enjoy...