No Onion No Garlic Palak Paneer


No Onion No Garlic Palak Paneer

Palak paneer also referred to as Saag paneer is the most relished dish in almost every Indian  household. A tasty and delightful dish prepared with leafy green spinach, mild spices and Indian cottage cheese – intensely flavorful, loaded with nutrients and the delicious ingredients will set...


No Onion No Garlic Malai Kofta

Since it’s the Navratri week, my meal planner calls for Malai Kofta tonight. A flavorful, rich and creamy curry from the Mughlai origin. Today’s dish is cooked in a tomato based gravy, a secret ingredient and is without onion and garlic. Trust me, even without onion and garlic, this...


Baghare Baingan

A specialty of Hyderabadi Cuisine – Baghare baingan. Baghar means tadka/tempering and baigan is referred to as eggplants meaning “Eggplants cooked with a tadka”. Baby eggplants/baingan are cooked in cashew – coconut gravy and flavored with tangy spices. This dish is pretty close to the traditional Hyderabadi baghare baingan...