Khadi Moong Dal recipe


Khadi Moong Dal recipe

Share2 Pin299 +1 TweetShares 301 From my mom diaries, comes a heirloom recipe – Khadi moong dal recipe. Plain moong dal (yellow lentils) cooked in a different way that will surely tempt your taste buds asking for more. As a kid, I was never fond of this dal and seeing...


Chatpati Cone Chaat Recipe

Share164 Pin1.6K +181 TweetShares 1.9K A savory snack made with the combination of tangy chutneys and potato balls. While doing my grocery shopping I came across sweet cream roll in the frozen section and thought of giving it a try but with a twist –...


Katori Chaat Recipe

Share944 Pin5.1K +189 TweetShares 6.1K Need an appetizer or snack for a party, try katori chaat recipe or tokri chaat!!  ‘Katori or tokri’ refers to a bowl or canopies that are filled with potatoes and chutneys and ‘chaat’ is the term used for savory Indian street snacks. No...