Instant Rava Dhokla


Dal Pakwan Recipe

Share21 Pin199 +11 Tweet WhatsApp Yum9 StumbleShares 230 Growing up in a diversified colony gave me an advantage to enjoy different meals prepared by our neighbors. I still remember I was in grade 7th when I first tasted this Dal pakwan recipe. My reaction was, “How do...


Paneer Paratha

Share Pin73 +1 Tweet WhatsApp Yum28 Stumble1Shares 102 Start your day off right with a healthy and nutritious breakfast and should never be missed. I had read somewhere that BREAKFAST means break the fast meaning ‘break your overnight fast’. It’s so true. After a goodnight sleep body...


Bread Poha

Share7 Pin266 +12 Tweet WhatsApp Yum27 Stumble1Shares 303 With very little time on hand each morning is like running a marathon- packing everyone’s lunch box, sending them to school/office and feeding them a healthy and a well balanced nutritious meal. This is my morning routine and I bet...