Veggie Potstickers Recipe


Paneer ke Sooley

Share26 Pin1.5K +112 Tweet WhatsApp Yum1 Stumble1Shares 1.5KTender, stuffed, cubes of paneer are skewered with crunchy vegetables and grilled to perfection! Paneer ke Sooley –  a perfect summer recipe that will please and satisfy the whole family! Paneer is my all-time- favorite alternative to meat – whether be...


Chana Dal Pulao

Share21 Pin23 +1 Tweet WhatsApp Yum StumbleShares 44 Lunch hour and all I can think about is a one pot meal recipe. Something Rice-y, nutritious and quick to prepare- Chana dal pulao. Rice combined with chana dal and spices is a most delicious combination of delicate flavors...