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meal menuPreparing for a party all by yourself can be a tiring job. But if planned efficiently, it can make cooking a pleasure and you will feel like organizing a party every weekend. Have you by any chance missed my meal planning basic section then please read that and it will put some light on – “How should you get started on meal planning?”


This is my Diwali Menu that I had prepared last year for 16 guests – 10 adults and 6 kids.  TOTAL TIME TO COOK THIS WHOLE DINNER – 7 HRS. 10 MINUTES – divided over the period of 2 days. Don’t be alarmed, see the step by step preparation below and you will find it quite comforting.

Recipe Links provided in the steps below.

Indian Party MenusMy first step was to multiply my ingredients- lets see the sample below. In this image I have doubled the quantity of my corn soup to match up to my guest count. I have skipped kids from the soup list – as kids usually pass on soup. But if someone is still up for one, this soup will yield enough quantity. 🙂Indian Party Menus

My planning started a day ahead – TOTAL TIME – 2 hr. 30 minutes.

  • Soak the dal. Link – Dal Makhani
  • Chopped/grounded ginger – garlic for all my veggies and snack. Chopped/pureed tomatoes for next day. I prefer not to chop onions a day ahead and store in fridge as it leaves a strong odor.
  • Prepare chutneys. I always have tamarind chutney ready in my freezer  – so this one is marked out. Link – Green Chutney, Tamarind Chutney.
  • Marinated Paneer. Though recipe says marinate for 2-3 hours but I kept it overnight. Link – Paneer tikka Masala
  • Started on making Gajar ka halwa. Link – Gajar halwa
  • Prepared 30 peda pieces. Link – Milk Peda

Party day cooking – TOTAL TIME – 3 hr. 40 minutes

  • I started by boiling potatoes, boiling dal makhani and grilling paneer all at once on different burners. While these were boiling/cooking, I moved on to cutting my veggies and salad. This was all done in 30 minutes – in between I kept a close watch on paneer.
  • Chopped onions.
  • Made soup. Link – Corn Soup
  • Prepared Khaman. While this was steaming, I prepared my veggie dip. Link – Khaman and Veggie dip
  • Then I moved on to assemble potato balls. Link – Cocktail snack – Potato balls
  • Made tadka and kept the dal on low flame to simmer.
  • Cooked achari gobi. Emptied in serving dishes. Link – Achari Gobi
  • Cooked Paneer. Emptied in serving dishes.
  • Made raita and kneaded the dough for rotis. Link – Raita, Roti
  • When dal was ready – emptied it in serving dishes.

2 Hours before the party starts – Final touch ups – TOTAL TIME – 1 hr.

  • Fried potato balls. Kept them in warm otg/oven on the lowest setting, so that they stay crisp.
  • Made rotis.
  • Made rice. Link – Jeera Rice
  • Arranged chips/nachos in a bowl to go along with veggie dip


More Menus coming up……..

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17 Responses

  1. Nidha sharma says:

    Ruchi, this is perfect for an upcoming lunch at my house.
    Please add more posts like this.

    Thanks again for all your awesomeness!

  2. Ronica says:

    Hi, I wanted to know how much paneer would be required to make paneer korma for 40 people?
    Thank you.

  3. Saumya says:

    Hello Mam
    I want to plan my 6 yr old kids bday evening party .about 55 people.
    Please suggest what to serve.
    I shall be thankful.

  4. Shipra says:

    Can you please suggest menu for 30 people…..let me know if I am planning for snacks cocktail samosa and paneer tikka…then is it fine and in main course kadaii paneer, Dal makhani….please do suggest what else I can make in main course….and how much quantity required for 30 people

  5. Sridhar murthy says:

    Hi,I am planning to host party for 100 people.I have already set the menu.To cook for 100 people my kitchen staff is 4 .my menu includes day Nalani,chapati and rice.I just want to know the quantity of dal,rice and flour I should need to cook for 100 persons.thanks

    • Ruchi says:


      For 100 people you need-

      25 cups of rice that’s appx. 4 kilos ( 1 cup = 180 grams). A 10lb (4.54 kilo) bag should be good.
      24 cups of dal that’s appx. 5 kilos ( 1 cup = 200 grams). A 12 lb (5.448 kilo) bag should be good.

      Regarding rotis – take an estimate of 2-3 rotis per person and that should come to 200- 250 rotis. Hope that helps.

      Feel free to email me if you need any other info.

  6. Geeta Thachapully says:

    Can you kindly help in planning quantity along with menus you are giving while cooking for the crowd.

  7. Huma says:

    Hi ruchi. Thanku for this post I have been looking for something like this. I always have last minute stress as i want to serve everything hot due to this im always late. I had a question. If i fry the potato balls and keep them in warm oven 2 hours before the party they stay crisp? Same goes for pakoras as well? Wont they get dark color?

    • Ruchi says:

      Thanks Huma!
      Yes you can keep the fried potato balls and pakoda in a warm oven. By warm I mean, a temperature of 200 degree F. This way they will stay warm and crisp. Make sure the tray is not overcrowded, spread them evenly.
      P.S. Every oven is different, so keep an eye on the food. If the fried food start to sizzle then turn off the oven for a while and reheat it again closer to the time your guests starts to arrive.

  8. studentsim says:

    Ruchi: You are an inspiration! Your pragmatic and yet simple approach to cooking, planning along with the delicious recipes make each of your post worth-reading many times. Knowing that you are a busy mom and yet strive to put delicious and healthy food on the table for the family is very inspiring. I look forward to your ‘just do this’ style in your posts. Thank you for all the hard work, time and energy!

    • Ruchi says:

      Wow.. I am speechless! Thanks dear for such kind words. That’s very encouraging and glad to hear that you liked the blog and my recipes. 🙂

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