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A stuck jar lid

Share6 Pin +1 Tweet Yum StumbleShares 6   Run the lid under very warm water for a few minutes. Grab a towel and gently twist off the top.To prevent it from happening again just spray the inside of lid with a cooking spray before placing...


Wonder Fruit

Share Pin1 +1 Tweet Yum StumbleShares 1 Did you know that wonderful fruit Cantaloupe is low in calorie and fats. One serving of cantaloupe gives 400% of the recommended amount of Vitamin A. Something to consider when buying fruits for your family…


Clean Greasy dishes

Share Pin9 +1 Tweet Yum StumbleShares 9 Make a solution of warm soapy water, drizzle 1-2 tablespoon of vinegar and wash the grease of your dishes. Also cleaning your glasses/wine goblets with vinegar will leave them sparkling clean.


Bell Pepper Magic

Share Pin1 +1 Tweet Yum StumbleShares 1 As Bell peppers ripen, their color changes from Green to Red and they become sweeter and Red bell peppers have 9 times as much Beta Carotene than Green Peppers. Something to consider when cooking with bell peppers.