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Cooking Methods

Share1 Pin +1 Tweet Yum StumbleShares 1Cooking methods are divided into three categories – dry-heat, moist-heat and combination-heat. By understanding the cooking methods one can choose the correct method required for specific foods. Various methods of cooking have a direct impact on the outcome of the finished...


Subzi means Vegetable

Share Pin +1 Tweet Yum StumbleShares 0 Subzi stands for “vegetable” and Mandi stands for “bazaar/market”. In India some people still shop for their groceries in Subzi mandi (Indian farmer’s market) but now the trend seems to be changing. People are turning towards supermarkets for their groceries as they...


Indian glossary

Share Pin1 +1 Tweet Yum StumbleShares 1 Have you ever looked over a recipe, noticed an unfamiliar ingredient, and wondered “What’s that?” Here is the list of all the common terms which are used across my website. Just navigate your way through the entire alphabetical...