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Temperature Conversion Chart

At times, we come across recipes that looks appealing but find that the listed oven temperatures are different than what we are used to. So this set us on a quest to convert the given oven temperature. Oven temperatures in United States are listed in Fahrenheit but in India...


Conversion chart – Grams, Liters, Gallons, Cups, Ounces

Dry and liquid measurements hold the same volume then why measure differently? Simple.. Dry measuring cups are meant to be filled to the top so that you can shake off the excess and Liquid measuring cups have a spout which is used for pouring hot and liquid stuff. Measuring...


Fruit and Vegetable Equivalents

This handy chart will clearly tell you what 1 large tomato would be equivalent to, if the recipe calls for. Here we have researched and complied a handy list for your reference. Its always good to know your equivalents before advancing towards any recipe.


Dry and Liquid Kitchen Substitutes

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you run out of a certain ingredient, right in the middle of preparing a recipe and needed something fast to substitute it? Here is my collection of handy substitute chart which I always keep on hand, just in case.    


Egg Substitutes

Baking without an egg can be tricky but if the right ingredients are used, results could be amazing. Egg substitutes are food products which are used as egg replacement in baking. Eggs serve many function in baked goods. There are plenty of substitutes available. Our substitute table will help vegan people and people...


Reduce the recipe servings

  At time I have struggled with reducing my recipes to half its exact amount and it can be frustrating at times. Reducing a recipe is not hard but it seems difficult to convert when you are in a middle of a recipe. So here...