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Vrat wale Aloo

Share2 Pin53 +11 Tweet WhatsApp Yum13 Stumble1Shares 70 Vrat wale aloo or vrat ke rasewale aloo recipe. Nothing fancy but a simple and basic dish prepared in every household during fasting period. Boiled and cubed potatoes are combined with freshly grated tomatoes and flavored with spices. Usually paired up...


Vrat Rajgiria Puri

Share11 Pin25 +11 Tweet WhatsApp Yum StumbleShares 37 Another great vrat recipe – Vrat Rajgiria Puri or Amaranth ki poori. Deep fried puffed pooris prepared by combining amaranth flour with boiled potatoes and spices. Amaranth flour is a gluten-free, protein-rich flour and is derived from the seeds of...


Vrat Jeera Aloo

Share Pin6 +1 Tweet WhatsApp Yum StumbleShares 6There is just one week left for Navratri and today I am sharing a super easy and flavorful recipe- Vrat Jeera Aloo. This recipe needs no introduction. Boiled and cubed potatoes are sauteed with cumin seeds and flavored...