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Dubki Wale Aloo

Share8 Pin39 +11 TweetShares 48 Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Shree Krishna is not only known for its temples, but also for its food and delicacies. And today’s dish is a specialty of Mathura – Dubki wale aloo. The name itself describes the dish – dubki means dipped; aloo...


Chana Dal Recipe

Share6 Pin119 +1 TweetShares 125 A quick and easy chana dal recipe without onion and garlic. Simple yet elegant! Since no onion and no garlic is added to this dal, it can be enjoyed during Navratri or on any fasting day. Though I love onion-garlic in my food but...


Baghare Baingan

Share16 Pin801 +12 TweetShares 819 A specialty of Hyderabadi Cuisine – Baghare baingan. Baghar means tadka/tempering and baigan is referred to as eggplants meaning “Eggplants cooked with a tadka”. Baby eggplants/baingan are cooked in cashew – coconut gravy and flavored with tangy spices. This dish is pretty close...