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Moong Dal Burfi

Indian burfi made with yellow lentils is a soft, delicious and creamy fudge. A gluten free delicacy that is easy to make and very addictive!! The biggest festival of India, Diwali is less than 2 weeks away and there is an air of festivity all around me. I...

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Gur Para or Gur Pare Recipe

The countdown to Diwali has begun! The biggest festival of India is just 10 days away and if you still deciding on what to make this festive season, then here is a simple and stress free Gur Para or Gur Pare Recipe. Gur pare are similar to Shakarpare...

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Paneer Burfi

Looking for a last minute Janmashtami sweet then you have landed at the right place. Paneer burfi is one of the easiest sweets you can prepare during any Indian festival. My version of paneer burfi is delicious, rich and yummy and it will just melt away...

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No Bake Healthy Energy Bites

No bake healthy energy bites are prepared with 4 basic ingredients and is prefect as a school snack or for breakfast. Vegan and gluten-free power packed protein snack!! Don’t you just love energy bites? It takes minutes to prepare and are loaded with nutrients. I prefer to...

sama_ke_chawal_ki_tikki 10

Sawa ke chawal ki tikki and vada

Looking for Navratri or fasting recipe. Here is a tasty and crispy Sama or sawa ke chawal recipe. Sama ke chawal combined with boiled potatoes to form this falahari crispy fritters. Along with sabudana/sago this sama ke chawal also referred to as Vrat ke chawal or...

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Paneer Stuffed Croquettes

Enjoy this simple and easy paneer stuffed croquettes to please your friends or family. It is so deliciously addictive that you will crave for more!! If you’re on the search for a crispy and crunchy appetizer then look no more! These paneer stuffed croquettes are easy to make and is always a...

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Spicy Millet Salad Bowl

Looking for a quick-n-easy flavorful meal tonight? How about a Spicy millet Buddha bowl that is loaded with flavor and bursting with nutrients – a complete meal in itself !! Take a break from the usual fasting recipes and dive your forks into this spicy millet salad...

Cooking Basics

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How to make Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oven

Just like pesto, sun-dried tomato pesto is my family favorite. We top our sandwiches and pastas with yummy sun-dried pesto and it adds a great zing and flavor to any meal. For an upcoming picnic, I have sun-dried tomato pesto pasta on my list and I am totally out...

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Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Homemade whole wheat pizza dough made with 100% whole grain white wheat flour, yeast and water. My go-to pizza dough recipe that taste wonderful and so much healthy. Nothing beats a fresh, homemade pizza and that is incredibly easy, healthy, and preservative -free. I have tried making pizza...

Tips & Tricks

kulifi 8

Mess -free kulfi

Enjoy Kulfi, ice creams or popsicle mess free. Place a cupcake liner underneath your dessert to avoid drippings. All drippings will fall in the cupcake liner and once done toss everything in the trash. Voila.. no more sticky hands 🙂  

Blueberry cake done 10

Blueberry Cake Tip

Blueberries have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the cake. BUT WHY DO MY BLUEBERRIES SINK? Answer is simple .. GRAVITY. Anything additional added to a cake whether be chocolate chip, blueberries, or any other berries or nuts they will sink to the...

Festivals of India

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Navratri Recipe Collection

Navratri is a very auspicious time of the year and is celebrated over the period of 8-9 days. During this time period, devotees observe fast from the first day to the ninth day. People eat only one meal a day, prepared with grains and vegetables that are healthy and...

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How to make Janmashtami Jhula at home

Janmashtami is just few days away and families are busy preparing Krishna jhula and homemade sweets. On this auspicious occasion, learn how to make Janmashtami Jhula at home.  Create Krishna jhula from simple and easy-to-find materials that you probably have laying around the house. You really...

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Easy ladoo recipes for festive season

With Holi around the corner, celebrate the warmth of this festival with sweetness of these yummy and delicious ladoo recipes. Holi is celebrated with zest and enthusiasm all around India and its among India’s premier festivals. This festival is the harbinger of light, warm and beautiful days of...