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Samosa Recipe

Rainy and cold what can we think of today? Traditional deep fried samosa recipe. Cone shaped flaky fried pastries filled with savory potato-pea filling are a real delight to enjoy in any season. Step by step recipe on how to shape samosas.Using the same recipe we can even BAKE them in the oven!! They are even more delicious and a lot...

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Gujiya Recipe

Holi without Gujiya recipe is incomplete. On the festive occasion of holi eating gujiya is like a tradition. Gujiya’s are sweet dumplings prepared with mawa- coconut mixture and glazed with sugar syrup. To coat or not to coat gujiya’s in sugar syrup is an option. Simple and easy to follow recipe; these gujiyas are made in every household same way – leaving out...

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Thandai Recipe

It’s just one week short of Holi and what I can think of besides savory snacks is THAND…AI meaning a cool cool drink. Brings back childhood memories and its taste and flavor is still afresh in my mouth. Thandai is a cool and refreshing Indian drink prepared with nuts and flavored with fragrant spices. It’s a popular drink prepared during the...

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Khasta Kachori

How about some street food tonight? Khasta Kachoris followed by Kachori chaat recipe…yummylicious.. I am already drooling thinking about it. Well why wait, let’s go ahead and prepare these tea time favorite snack. Crispy and delicious deep fried puffed up puris stuffed with lentils and aromatic spices. Full of flavor and, yes…super flaky! butter gave a crispy crust and amazingly flaky layer. Unsalted butter...

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Angoori Gulab Jamun

Angoori Gulab Jamun a traditional Indian dessert loved and enjoyed by every age group. Small spongy pearl shaped anguri/angoori gulab jamun are prepared with mawa/khoya and soaked in sugar syrup. Why they are called Angoori? Because they are shaped just like “Angoor”- “grapes” and are petite in size, way smaller than the regular gulab jamuns. Using homemade mawa prepared with ricotta...

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Saag Wala Chicken/ Palak Chicken

Saag Wala Chicken/ Palak Chicken is an outrageously delicious chicken and spinach recipe. It’s an authentic Indian recipe that is full of flavor and everyone’s favorite. People who avoid greens too will love this recipe. Blanched spinach is pureed and added to freshly prepared onion-tomato gravy. If you have onion-tomato masala on hand your cooking time will be greatly reduced....

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Chana Dal with Lauki

Chana Dal with Lauki – a great combination of lentil and vegetable.Bengal gram dal mixed with boiled bottle gourd makes it a nutritional delight. Bottle gourd also referred as lauki, dudhi or gheeya has medicinal properties. Due to its high fiber content lauki helps cure acidity, indigestion and constipation. Chana dal is good for diabetic patients because it has a low...

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Veggie White Bean Soup

Veggie white bean soup a wonderful recipe for a cold Winter-y day. White northern beans simmered with mild spices and flavored with homemade salsa. It’s my winter -day-warm-me- up hearty soup recipe, very chunky and tastes more like a stew. No white northern beans try substituting with black eyed beans. Besides the soaking time (prep time), this soup is fairly easy...

Cooking Basics

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How to Blanch spinach

Spinach is rich in calcium and blanching them helps in retaining all the nutrients and bring out that flavor and rich bright green color in them. I always have blanched spinach in my freezer for my recipes. By blanching I am locking in the freshness and flavor of that particular vegetable. Blanching is a very easy process – boil your greens in...

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Prevent liquids from boiling over

Have you been in a situation where you stepped out for a while knowing that the pan on the cooktop will not boil over and on your return..SHOCKING SIGHT IN THE KITCHEN…all the liquid has spilled over. Well, I have faced this situation many times where I sneaked out for a second and ended up in a messy spill over, even on a...

Tips & Tricks

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Blueberry Cake Tip

Blueberries have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the cake. BUT WHY DO MY BLUEBERRIES SINK? Answer is simple .. GRAVITY. Anything additional added to a cake whether be chocolate chip, blueberries, or any other berries or nuts they will sink to the bottom of the cake because of gravity. To stop them from sinking just follow this...

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Fluffy Puris

For fluffy puris – While kneading the dough adjust the amount of water with 2 tablespoon of milk. For example – if the dough requires 1 cup of water adjust it – minus 2 tablespoon of water from 1 cup and add 2 tablespoon of milk.  

Festivals of India

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Indian festival Calendar – 2015

Indian Festival Calendar 2015 – Rich in it’s cultural inheritance, festivals are an essential part of our Indian community.They reflect the diversity of celebrations in a multi-cultural, multi- religion nation which values sentiments, respects traditions and fosters community living. Indian festivals are so vast in number and variant in form, colorful and soulful that these cannot be compressed into the space limit...

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Holi – Festival of colors

Holi also known as Basantutsav (Spring Festival) is the festival of colors which is celebrated across India with great cheer and gaiety. WHEN IS HOLI CELEBRATED? Holi falls on a full moon during the month of Phalgun some time in March. Holi festival marks the end of the Hindu calendar and is the beginning of new Samvat(New year). ‘Holi’ comes from...

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Gangaur Festival

Gangaur or Mewar festival is performed in the honor of Mother Gauri. In the word Gangaur ‘Gan is a synonym for lord Shiva and ‘Gaur’ or ‘Gauri’ for Goddess Parvati (the consort of Lord Shiva). WHEN IS GANGAUR CELEBRATED? In Rajasthan, Gangaur festival’s spirited celebration gets underway every year during the Hindu month of Chaitra (March – April) in honor of Gauri,...

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Gudi Padwa – Festival of Spring

Gudi Padwa ia a Maharashtrain spring festival. According to Marathi calendar it marks the New Year’s Day for Maharashtrians. WHEN IS GUDI PADWA CELEBRATED? Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month- Chaitra in March/April which also represents the onset of spring or Vasant. In Karnataka this festival is known as Yugadi or Ugadi which means Yug and...