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Kaju Pista Roll

Whether be Diwali or Holi, sweets are an integral part of Indian traditions. During festive months Indian markets are overflowing with yummy and delicious sweets/mithais. Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite mithai – Kaju Pista Roll. As a kid this sweet was a...

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Chana Salad or Chickpea Salad

Temperatures have dropped and feels more like late October. It reminds me that summer is going to say goodbye and slowly winter is about to creep in. Summer is so colorful, from glowing luminescence of fresh blooming flowers to fragrant and bright – colored vegetables, everything is in abundance....

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Paneer Kathi Rolls

From the cultural capital of India, Kolkata comes a popular street food – Kathi/kati rolls. Kati rolls have said to be originated back in 1932 from a famous Nizam restaurant in Kolkata/Calcutta (source : wikipedia). Traditionally, kati rolls are served with kebab rolled up in layered paratha that...

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Nankhatai Recipe

While growing up, all of us have relished khasta nan khatais and we still do. Still remember those childhood trips to a bakery shop, their lovely aroma and sight of all the baked goodies made me drool. So what does Khasta mean? Khasta means light and flaky. And nan...

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Dal Pakwan Recipe

Growing up in a diversified colony gave me an advantage to enjoy different meals prepared by our neighbors. I still remember I was in grade 7th when I first tasted this Dal pakwan recipe. My reaction was, “How do I eat a dal with papad?” But this...

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Veg Manchurian Rice

Being a foodie, I always experiment with different ways to create simple and easy dinner meals for a busy week night. With some cabbage and shredded carrots sitting in my refrigerator, thought of a yummy and hearty dinner recipe. Prepared veg manchurian balls, chopped some veggies, boiled some rice...

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Fruit Cream Recipe

Need an impressive dessert for a picnic or potluck party? Well, you have landed at the right place. This easy and no cook dessert is surely a crowd pleaser! Light and fluffy homemade whipped cream with just the right amount of sweetness, is loaded with richness of...

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Pav Bhaji Recipe

From the streets of Mumbai, I bring you a popular and famous lip-smacking, and delicious snack – Pav Bhaji Recipe. Where pav means bread and bhaji means a spicy blend of vegetables cooked in tomato based gravy and later flavored with aromatic spices. These two (Pav+bhaji) are paired...

Cooking Basics

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Homemade Instant Uttapam Mix

Uttapam is always on my menu planner as a favorite morning breakfast. But going through the process of soaking rice, urad dal and then fermenting it sounds like too much work to me. No doubt that is the most authentic way of preparing yummy uttapams,...

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Homemade Whipped Cream

Whether be a cold coffee or a warm cake right out of the oven, everyone loves a dollop of whipped cream on top. I myself enjoy whipped cream as a topping on my desserts and have prepared recipes using whipped cream.  But recently while working on a...

Tips & Tricks

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Mess -free kulfi

Enjoy Kulfi, ice creams or popsicle mess free. Place a cupcake liner underneath your dessert to avoid drippings. All drippings will fall in the cupcake liner and once done toss everything in the trash. Voila.. no more sticky hands  

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Blueberry Cake Tip

Blueberries have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the cake. BUT WHY DO MY BLUEBERRIES SINK? Answer is simple .. GRAVITY. Anything additional added to a cake whether be chocolate chip, blueberries, or any other berries or nuts they will sink to the...

Festivals of India

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Indian festival Calendar – 2015

Indian Festival Calendar 2015 – Rich in it’s cultural inheritance, festivals are an essential part of our Indian community.They reflect the diversity of celebrations in a multi-cultural, multi- religion nation which values sentiments, respects traditions and fosters community living. Indian festivals are so vast in number and...

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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a special Hindu festival marking the love and affection between brothers and sisters. The name itself describes the festival where raksha means “protection” and bandhan means “bond” meaning “a bond of protection”. It’s a day of celebration and prayers and on this day...

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Lohri – Harvest Festival

Lohri – Harvest Festival – of Punjab and Haryana is also referred as the bonfire festival. Huge bonfires are lit to thanks the God for abundant crops. WHEN IS LOHRI CELEBRATED? Lohri – Harvest Festival is celebrated on 13th of January during the month of Paush...

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Makar Sankranti – Harvest festival

Makar Sankranti marks the end of cold winter days and beginning of warm and longer days for the harvest season. WHEN IS MAKAR SANKRANTI CELEBRATED? This festival is celebrated on 14th of January in the month of Magha when the sun passes through the winter solstice,...